We are pleased to announce that as of February 6th, 2017 Net Display Systems has officially rebranded to become NDS.

New corporate identity

Our new corporate identity precedes our new website and a rebrand of PADS4, our digital signage software. We believe that these internal changes will allow us to continue to meet the requirements of the digital signage industry, so that we can continue to lead with newer and more flexible solutions.

In 1994, we founded to meet a growing need for data based digital signage solutions. At the time, our focus on software rather than hardware and on data distribution enabled us to stand out, by providing a service that no one else was offering at the time.

Today, more than 20 years later, data distribution and strong software solutions continue to be a focus of our brand. And, as technology advances and devices become cheaper and more efficient, the digital signage industry is shifting towards data and software.

NDS a worldwide recognized leader in data driven signage software

This shift enabled us to experience rapid growth in 2016, as companies around the globe began to search for data driven solutions for communication, information, wayfinding, and branding. Our PADS4 product is a leader in data-driven digital signage solutions, and NDS is a worldwide recognized leader in the niche. But, we know that a history of strong solutions is not enough. To continue to lead, we must develop new solutions and new implementations for data. As technology continues to change, so must we.

That’s why, in 2017, Net Display systems will become NDS. While a simple abbreviation, NDS is a change which better represents our focus on driving simple, creative solutions for our users. NDS reflects our renewed commitment to being a strategic partner for our clients, and will enable us to become more flexible and solutions oriented.

Visit the new PADS4 website

With the new identity of PADS4 we have launched a brand new product website. We invite you to find out more about PADS4 and how our digital signage software improves the visual communication for and within your organization. Please explore what we can do for your digital signage requirements at www.pads4.com.

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