example store of the future

What if every customer that walked into your bank had a unique experience tailored to their specific needs? What if it were possible to utilize big data and customer trends to offer a personalized, streamlined and cohesive customer journey within your branches? What if you could modernize the look-and-feel of your branch while increasing the return-on-investment of your marketing strategies, promotions and campaigns?

Creating futuristic retail experiences

The technology to manage customer experiences in a centralized and simple way is now available – and is revolutionizing the customer journey in stores across the world.

In the past, banking branches lacked Internet access and digital tools of any kind. In consequence, the customer experience was largely a physical one and banks and financial institutions knew comparatively little about the customers that visited their branches. Banks had little capacity to regularly collect and analyze customer feedback, meaning that it was difficult to determine and address issues early in the conversion process.

The rise of digital communications means that one-dimensional banking concepts are rapidly being consigned to history. To obtain a clearer picture of their customer base, improve customer service and set a trend for continual improvement and adaptation, banks across the globe are incorporating smart digital solutions into their branches.

Building stores of the future

Forward-thinking banks are now moving toward the “store of the future” banking concept which enables them benefit from multiple technological components, including digital signage technology, touch software, smartphone applications and omni-channel video conferencing. These components can be selected as appropriate to ensure that your customers enjoy a seamless, data-driven customer journey from the first point of contact until the successful conclusion of their visit.

A crucial component of the store of the future is PADS4 digital signage software. PADS4 enables you to schedule and distribute a variety of different content to digital screens within your banking branches. This accessible and easy-to-use software collects real-time data insights which can be used to boost the effectiveness of your content and personalize it to specific audiences.

The solution offers total, centralized control over your content. In just a few clicks, you can upload, modify or remove content on any of the digital screens within your branches.

PADS4 software has been successfully integrated in over 75 countries around the world. A range of international companies including American Express, ING and Standard Chartered Bank are already utilizing the system to great effect with installations up to 16,000 screens in countries across the globe.

Future-proofing your marketing strategy

Within the context of a fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape, it’s important to ensure that your bank’s in-store marketing strategy is agile and can keep pace with the latest developments. Investing in an integrated digital solution is an excellent way to future-proof your digital communications, since the possibilities for modification and diversification are both endless and exciting.

Only one purchase of PADS4 is necessary to set up networks spanning dozens or hundreds of branches in multiple countries, which makes this an economical yet high-value choice for businesses looking to enhance their banking concepts.

To get started or to find out more about how digital signage software could benefit your business, go to www.pads4.com.