2016 was a year of significant growth and progress for NDS and we saw an increasing demand for our product, PADS4. We restructured and repositioned the company to invest in growth – without losing sight of our corporate responsibility to our employees and stakeholders.

As part of our growth, we launched NDS Middle East as a full subsidiary in Dubai. At home, and abroad, we increased staff by 15% to integrate strong global professionals who bring value and knowledge to our team. We expanded into existing markets, while investing in upcoming markets. And, most importantly, we retained a focus on our product, PADS4, so we can continue to develop new features, services, and other products to deliver digital signage solutions. Throughout all of this, we continued to see strong double digit revenue growth (20+%)*.

New Corporate Identity

In 2016, we chose to rebrand our product and our company to better meet market demand. Net Display Systems is now NDS, with an improved mission, a new corporate identity, and the renewed realization that our expertise in data connectivity is our biggest asset.

We also rebranded PADS4, our digital signage software package, with its own website, a new look and feel (interface), and a new platform to inspire and inform our partners and customers. We feel that this will enable our partners to better deliver PADS4.

More Partner Centric

Our global partner network spans over 75 countries and has enabled us to see the kind of growth that makes change and new developments possible. That’s why we are focusing on developing NDS as an even more partner centric organization, where partners have access to our expertise, time, and Market Development Funding (MDF).

To align with, understand, and support our partner’s needs, we added local staff in UAE, Australia, Canada, US and Mexico. NDS will also expand their professional product training seminars and services for content creation, solution consultancy, and other services to help our partners.

Moving Forward to 2020

In 2016, we set the base for a Next Generation PADS4 product, which will be introduced by the first quarter of 2019. With the unique capabilities of PADS4, our client base, and our strategic alliances, we will be able to contribute significantly to new technological trends, ensuring yearly growth and turnover.

NDS is a strong, financially stable, and independent company. We believe that our focus and agile approach to market demands, commitment to quality and capability, and local representation and services will enable us to continue to grow. Looking forward to 2020, we are committed to developing quality solutions to meet market demand, so that we can remain the leading data-driven digital signage software manufacturer. For now we can say that the first quarter of 2017 has certainly given us a very good head start!


Bjørn Pieper
*Details of our financial year 2016 can be found in our annual report, registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.