Bjorn Pieper

Bjorn Pieper

Over the past 20 years, NDS has focused on delivering next-level digital signage solutions. From our first product in 1994, to our most recent PADS4 release, we’ve maintained a strong focus on delivering quality software that integrates data connectivity and intuitive tools to create truly smart signage.

A few years ago the digital signage market began to shift away from display technology and towards intuitive software. Our data-driven signage solution, PADS4, naturally filled this need, and NDS saw rapid growth, doubling in staff and revenue in a few years.

That growth has enabled us to become a more flexible and scalable organization. NDS chose to see market changes as an opportunity for growth, and we took the steps to position ourselves to move into developing markets. To that extent, I would like to introduce our new directions, priorities, and the decisions that will enable us to continue to grow and move forward to 2020.

New Integrations

Software, not hardware, is the future of digital signage. However, it is still crucial that companies and clients have the ability to choose their own hardware. PADS4 offers native support for Windows, Linux, Android, and new platforms like Samsung (TIZEN), and LG (WebOS).

By continuing to increase our native support of new hardware and platforms, we can ensure that more companies can maximize their usage of the PADS4 platform. Our goal is to continue to grow our network of strategic partners, so that we can continue to develop PADS4 to best meet our user needs.

Next-Level Technology

Today, digital signage integrates into nearly everything. With concepts like Smart Cities, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing becoming the norm, smart technology is in demand. PADS4 offers unique capabilities, but we are committed to expanding our display software to bring next-level solutions to the market.

NDS is focused on providing the next-level digital signage products and services at the speed the market currently demands. In 2017, we set the base for a Next Generation PADS4 product to exceed the needs of the digital signage industry as we move forward.


Bjørn Pieper